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The Mighty Big Grant 2024: You Asked, We Answered

We launched the 2024 Mighty Big Grant application on March 29, and had a webinar where we discussed all things related to it. We got so many great questions we couldn’t get to them all. So, we compiled them here with their answers.

If you have a burning question not listed here, let us know! As a reminder, Round 1 applications close on Tuesday, April 30, at 11:59pm CT, so get those questions in before then.


Are you excluding certain causes and/or types of organizations like religious organizations?

As long as your nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) you’re eligible to apply for the Mighty Big Grant.

Are current clients of Mighty Citizen eligible for the grant?

The Mighty Big Grant will be awarded to a new organization that hasn’t previously worked with Mighty Citizen.

What size budget is eligible for The Mighty Big Grant?

In our webinar, we mentioned we’re looking for sizable but not extensive budgets.

This means that if you have a dedicated marketing budget, it shows that there has already been an investment in marketing and that there’s some foundation to start on. And that’s really helpful when jumping into a project, specifically with Mighty Citizen. That’s the reason we suggest it, but it does not disqualify you from applying.

What do you consider a small to midsize nonprofit to be?

Very small organizations may not benefit from The Mighty Big Grant. While we don’t require a specific staff size, it’s important that you have dedicated staff who can participate in the process. Typically, dedicated marketing staff members are helpful because without them, working with an agency can be overwhelming and stretch your resources—which is absolutely not our goal.

Of course, you’re still welcome to apply if you think your staff (at any number) is equipped to work with an agency partner.

Are foundations or other grantmaking organizations excluded from the direct service eligibility?


Can a parent organization apply if there are chapter organizations we’d use the funds for?

Yes. Any 501(c)(3) is eligible to apply for the Mighty Big Grant.

The Application Process

When will we be notified if we’re accepted for Round 2 applications?

All applicants will be notified whether to move forward or not in early May 2024. See our full timeline.

Can we change our answers after we’ve submitted?

No. Unfortunately, once you submit your application, you can’t go in and change your answers, so please make sure everything is final before submitting.

Choosing the Winner

Are you ideally looking for an organization that has the capacity to work with you post-grant?

No. This is not a lead-generating activity for our agency. Instead, it’s a way for us to partner (and make a big impact together) with an organization that may not have the resources to afford a third-party agency partner. We are fully committed to supporting the nonprofit community.

Regarding Mighty Citizen’s core values: Are there specific charitable causes that you, as an organization, will lean towards?

No. We’ve had many internal discussions about just that. We know that many nonprofits are going to apply for this, and we knew that we had to find a way to narrow it down to just one. So, our focus turned to our values and capabilities.

The Winning Project

Does the grant have to be just one of the focus areas you list on your website? (website redesign, branding services, or marketing strategy & campaign)

While we wish we could partner with an organization across all of those focus areas, the reality is that $100,000 will not cover much more than one. We discussed how we can make the biggest impact and narrowed it down to those three focus areas.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on how the $100,000 can be allocated across different services for a project?

We will work with your organization to determine the best project based on your needs. After we select the winner, we’ll go through the same scoping process we use for any new client and define the proposed project’s deliverables and expectations. It’ll be very clear what exactly we’re providing, what’s needed from you, and all the details involved in the process.

Is the $100,000 awarded as in-kind support from Mighty Citizen or cash?

This is an in-kind grant for Mighty Citizen’s services. Depending on the type of project selected, it will include a discovery/research phase and an implementation phase.

What would a timeline look like for the winner?

If awarded the Mighty Big Grant, your project will start towards the end of Q3 2024, and a full timeline will be developed depending on the project and its unique needs.

Apply now. Good luck!

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