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The Mighty GPS

10 Minutes to Measure Your Marketing Maturity.

How well is your organization making the most of its marketing? Get a free, quick, and comprehensive evaluation from our experts with The Mighty GPS, a self-assessment that provides a holistic view of your current marketing maturity. Find out where you stand today and how to get to a better tomorrow.

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The Fastest Route From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

The Mighty GPS isn’t just another tool highlighting where you need to improve. It’s a roadmap—complete with resources and recommendations tailored to your organization.

Your customized Mighty GPS Report includes:

  • Your marketing maturity score
  • Your marketing strengths across six key categories along with opportunities for growth
  • Specialized resources with attainable, actionable recommendations you can implement immediately to move to your next stage of marketing maturity

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The Mighty GPS™ Whitepaper

Want to know everything about marketing maturity?

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What is Marketing Maturity?

Marketing maturity measures the degree to which an organization is effectively using research, branding, strategy, technology, data, and their team to achieve business goals. At its essence, marketing maturity is the journey to your organization’s “best self.”

How The Mighty GPS Works

Take the assessment in 10 minutes.

We’ve spent two years brainstorming, crafting, testing, and refining this tool. The survey questions are spread across six key categories: Research & Analytics, Branding & Strategy, Marketing & SEO, UX Design & Content, Technology, and Team Dynamics. When combined, these categories account for every element of organizational communication and marketing. ETA: 10 minutes.

Receive your marketing maturity score.

Each category has its own score. With all six category scores combined, a final marketing maturity score and maturity stage are returned in the form of a custom report—delivered immediately to your inbox. In your organization’s report, you’ll see which stage you’re in for each of the six categories. The stages of marketing maturity are Crawling, Walking, Running, and Soaring.

Make the most of your results.

Your maturity score and stage may provide a confirmation of what you already knew, or they may surprise you. Either way, you can use the provided next steps and resources (like articles, tools, templates, and videos) in your custom report to enact immediate improvements. Don’t forget to save your report; retaking The Mighty GPS periodically can show your progress and return on investment, both of which are necessary for future funding.

The six categories of marketing maturity include Research & Analytics, Branding & Strategy, Marketing & SEO, UX Design & Content, Technology, and Team Dynamics. Combined, these categories place you in a marketing maturity stage of either Crawling, Walking, Running or Soaring.
Your stage of marketing maturity—Crawling, Walking, Running, or Soaring—is measured across six key marketing categories.

Using Your Mighty GPS Report

Now that you have your custom report, use the insights to spark conversations among your team, build your case internally, and prioritize your resources for future planning. Keep in mind: You’re on a journey to marketing maturity. Come back regularly to retake the assessment and track how you’ve improved over time.

Compare Yourself to Your Peers After Taking The Mighty GPS

Based on responses to The Mighty GPS™, the Marketing Benchmarks for Mission-Driven Organizations report showcases how effective associations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and government agencies are related to their current marketing efforts across six key marketing categories. See how your efforts compare to your peers after taking The Mighty GPS. Where does your marketing shine? Where do you need improvement? This is a great tool to use as a benchmark as you track your progress. Download today!


Marketing Benchmarks for Mission-Driven Organizations

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The Mighty GPS is designed and managed by Mighty Citizen, a branding, marketing, and digital agency for mission-driven organizations. We develop research, strategy, messaging, websites, campaigns, and digital marketing to increase impact and improve the world. Learn more about our services.

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My team took The Mighty GPS and used it to build out a few of our weaker areas, building funds into our next budget cycle to address some of the shortcomings that would directly impact our strategic goals. It’s always good to have justification for investments so the board can see the “why” behind our operational decisions.”

Christina Lewellen, CAE. Executive Director, Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools

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