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Mindy Avitia

Senior Events & Marketing Manager
The way we gather matters. A great event connects us and provides empathy and understanding of the world around us.”

Mindy follows her heart.

She isn’t afraid to take a risk, whether that’s moving to an unknown city 2,000 miles away from home–Austin, TX–for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or venturing out into a new marketing industry; Mindy always leads with her heart.

As a film major from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City, Mindy has an eye for storytelling that, coupled with a passion to do good, led her toward a career focused on mission-driven work.

For nearly a decade, she has worked in both the nonprofit and social impact sectors. Managing marketing for national and local organizations, including The National Center for Farmworker Health, Austin Community Foundation, and Impact Hub Austin. From the start, she has been inspired by mission-driven organizations–their grit, their perseverance of mission, and their undeniable “mightiness.”

Here at Mighty Citizen, Mindy works with the brand marketing team to build our brand awareness (and bring new leads to the business) through impactful, fun events. Whether that’s through event partnerships, speaking presentations, sponsorship opportunities, webinars, or more, if Mighty Citizen is involved in an event, she likely is too.

When not working, you can find Mindy and her husband hosting parties in their home with their two kids, Olive & Autumn. He’s Gordon Ramsay to her Joe Bastianich—just more friendly and less yelling. Or, traveling–from couchsurfing in Rome to finding the perfect margarita in a beach bar in Tulum, Mindy loves learning from the people who call a place home.

Mighty Citizen since 2022

Location: Austin, TX

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