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What could your organization do with $25,000 in free marketing services?

The Mighty Big Grant application is now closed.

The Mighty Big Grant for 2019 is closed. We notified all applicants of their status via email on September 1. If you didn’t receive the email, please check your spam folder.

The winners of the 2019 Mighty Big Grant are Humanity & Inclusion. Learn more about why we chose them, what they do, and the challenges we’ll be solving together in this Q&A article with Mica Bevington, U.S. Director of Marketing and Communications.

The Mighty Big Grant

To celebrate our agency’s 20th anniversary, Mighty Citizen is giving away $25,000 in marketing services to one lucky mission-driven organization! Not-for-profit organizations of all sizes based in the U.S. are eligible to apply—including nonprofits, associations, universities, and government agencies. The Mighty Big Grant application is open June 3rd – July 19th, 2019.

For 20 years, we’ve helped mission-driven organizations increase their reach and impact. We’re excited to donate our expertise to amplify one great org!” Nick Weynand, CEO, Mighty Citizen

Who’s Eligible

We’re looking for an organization with a powerful mission that has the potential to impact even more people, even more deeply. Applicants will be prompted to choose focus areas from a list of our service packages, and the winning organization will work in partnership with our agency to complete the project of their choice.

For the best shot at being our Mighty Big Grantee, be honest in your application. Let yourself geek out about why your organization is so great. Provide as much detail as possible to help us understand how $25,000 would go a long way for you and those you serve.

Service Packages

Mighty Big Grant applicants can focus their proposed project on any of the following areas:

User Research

User research may include an audience survey, stakeholder interviews, and/or usability testing to better understand your audiences and inform your marketing strategy.


Content work may include content strategy—including a messaging platform or content governance plan for your organization—and effective copywriting for digital or print materials.


Design may include digital or print materials such as an annual report, event collateral, a website landing page, ad creative, and/or social media graphics.

Campaign Strategy and Implementation

Campaign work may include a fundraising or membership campaign, retargeting ad campaign, email campaign, and/or social media campaign to achieve your goals.

Website Audit and Recommendations

Website work may include a website performance audit, content audit, and/or a new sitemap to ensure your website is providing a positive user experience and supporting your goals.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing may include a digital audit, SEO strategy and implementation, Google Analytics or Google Ads account setup, and training sessions.


The Mighty Big Grant application will close at midnight on July 19th, 2019. Then, we will review all submissions and conduct phone interviews with a select pool of applicants. Our team will reach a decision and notify the Mighty Big Grant winner by September 1st, 2019. The grant recipient’s project will commence shortly thereafter and is expected to commence by December 31st, 2019.

Selection Criteria

Only tax-exempt organizations based in the U.S. are eligible to apply for the Mighty Big Grant. Our team will be judging applicants based on criteria including:

  • The organization’s mission, impact to date, and projected future impact.
  • The organization’s selected service package(s) and whether we feel the proposed project would significantly enhance their work.
  • The organization’s ability to partner with us successfully and commence their proposed project by December 31st, 2019.

Rules and Regs

You will be asked to agree to the following rules and regulations when you submit your Mighty Big Grant application:

  • I understand that only one organization will be selected to receive the Mighty Big Grant.
  • My organization has tax-exempt status.
  • If selected, I understand that this project is expected to commence by December 31st, 2019.
  • If selected, I will work together with Mighty Citizen to determine how the $25,000 will be allocated.
  • If selected, I understand that this project will require a significant time commitment from my communications team, and depending on needs, executive staff members.
  • Mighty Citizen will have a senior team working on this project, and I understand that we are also expected to have senior members from my organization actively involved, including any final decision-makers.
  • If selected, I understand that I will be required to publicly credit Mighty Citizen for the work they produce during this project.
  • If chosen, I have the authority to enter into a contract with Mighty Citizen.
  • Mighty Citizen has the right to use my email and IP addresses for future advertising. We will never sell your information.

Good luck!

You’re welcome to email [email protected] or tweet at @youaremighty with any additional questions. Thank you for your interest, and feel free to share your excitement with the hashtag #mightybiggrant!

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