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Stephanie Carlson

Client Engagement Manager
I’m passionate about improving the world and impacting lives. At Mighty Citizen, we get to help amazing organizations do just that.”

Stephanie relates.

As a member of our client engagement team, Stephanie is one of the first people that our prospective clients meet. Her kindness, engaging nature, and endless curiosity make her the perfect fit for this role. Although Mighty Citizen is based in Austin, Stephanie is our first team member working from Boise, Idaho!

Stephanie brings a valuable and diverse set of skills to the team. Her industrious nature earned her a double major in Business and Psychology. After graduating, she moved to Japan and taught students in Kawasaki City for nearly two years.

Upon returning to the United States, Stephanie pursued professional opportunities in line with her desire to help others. Before joining Mighty Citizen, she worked for a nonprofit focused on literacy education for people of all ages.

As an active learner, Stephanie continually pushes herself to grow. In fact, Stephanie found Mighty Citizen while doing some professional development! When she’s not learning about the good work that our prospective clients do, you may find Stephanie playing tennis, baking (Great British Baking Show caliber, no less), enjoying a podcast, or relaxing with her cat, Neko.

Mighty Citizen since 2020

Location: Austin, TX

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