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Who We Are

Improving mission-driven organizations through strategy, creative and digital transformation.

Who We Are

Mighty Citizen transforms mission-driven organizations through branding, marketing, and digital communications. We help nonprofits, governments, associations, and universities increase their impact and revenue by creating deeper connections with their audiences. We marry data with human-centered design to craft brands, build websites, and launch marketing campaigns that improve the world.

If what you do every day is what you believe in, here’s what we believe in.

Challenging each other to think deeply

“OK, but what about this?” is the jingle around here. We debate as many potential solutions as possible—even the weird ones. Because challenging each other to think deeper is as effective as it is fun. Sure, we could offer our clients a paint-by-numbers product, but what a waste of time and money! Better to approach each new project with clear eyes, full hearts, and an allergy to taking the easy way out.

Experimenting early and often

Your organization isn’t dipped in concrete. So instead, we’ll treat it like what it is: a fascinating, swirling, evolving collection of real people trying to do great work. We don’t do assumptions. We give “best practices” the third degree before they make it past our lobby. The finest solutions aren’t born; they’re made. Not only don’t we fear failure; we embrace it as part of the process of…

Hitting the mark every time

Do all the research and experimentation you can, but when it’s time to build the thing, build it well and hit the mark. No wonder Project Management is the largest department in the company: They make sure everything is accounted for. Our projects launch on time and on budget. Our code is impeccable. Our designs are scalable, flexible, and beautiful. And everything—everything—we deliver has been thoroughly picked apart, tested, and polished to an impeccable shine.

Committed to Our Community

Since our founding in 1999, we’ve been rooted in our home city of Austin, Texas. As the city has expanded upward and outward, so have we. Maybe that’s why we feel so indebted to our neighbors, friends, and clients.

We’ve adopted Meals On Wheels Central Texas as our official charitable partner. Every Wednesday morning, a group of Mighty Citizen staff delivers meals to our elderly and homebound neighbors—more than 400 per year (including the route our president runs on his own).

Committed to Equity and Inclusion

Mighty Citizen is on an equity and inclusion journey. A journey—not to imply a destination—but an ongoing commitment to creating a workplace for everyone, and work that represents the communities we aim to reach. Learn more about our commitment to equity and inclusion here.

Awards & Recognition

We’re constantly humbled to have our work—and our workplace—singled out for recognition by our peers and industry leaders. Here are some of the awards we’ve added to our digital shelf.

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