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Who We Are

We’re the improvement agency.

For over 25 years, Mighty Citizen has improved mission-driven organizations through strategic thinking, engaging creative, and digital transformation.

We craft branding, marketing, websites, and digital communications that help nonprofits, associations, universities, and government agencies improve the world and increase their impact.

Whether we’re overhauling an entire digital ecosystem, branding a new program, implementing a new content strategy, or designing a single fundraising brochure, we always think big—and we always use technology to fuel it all.

If what you do every day is what you believe in, here’s what we believe in.

Our Values

At Mighty Citizen, our core values are embedded in our culture. They help us choose who to hire, who to work with, and impact every decision we make. And they’re not just fancy words on a page—we live by them.

Fierce Follow-Through

We’re honest, and we keep our promises. When we can accomplish something, we do so. When we can’t, we say so. We do the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing. Each one of us, every day, does the best work we possibly can. We have high standards for ourselves because we know we can achieve them.

Creative Problem Solving

Our clients have problems that we’re experts at solving. We generate creative ways to build custom solutions because every client’s needs and objectives are unique. We’re not order takers—and we aren’t afraid to challenge our clients and push boundaries. Creativity isn’t just the domain of designers here; it exists in every department at Mighty Citizen.

Conscious Collaboration

We collaborate deeply on every project and decision. Because when we work together, embrace our differences, support and respect one another—we see better results, happier employees, and more satisfied clients.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

We’re always looking for ways to improve the organization and ourselves. We invest in and prioritize learning opportunities, take risks, and try new things. We regularly review our work and actively seek constructive feedback to find where improvements can be made.

Committed to Community

We’re friends with our neighbors. We advocate for our communities and our industries. We give back through volunteering and donating. We are welcoming by nature, and we intentionally amplify diversity, equity, and inclusion in our company decisions, staff, and partnerships. And we partner only with mission-driven organizations because we want our daily work to help improve lives and increase impact.

A Note on Equity and Inclusion

Mighty Citizen is on an equity and inclusion journey. A journey—not to imply a destination—but an ongoing commitment to creating a workplace for everyone, and work that represents the communities we aim to reach. Learn more about our commitment to equity and inclusion here.

Awards & Recognition

We’re constantly humbled to have our work—and our workplace—singled out for recognition by our peers and industry leaders. Here are some of the awards we’ve added to our digital shelf.

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