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What We Do

Solving problems since Y2K was a thing

Mighty Citizen creates branding and digital transformations for mission-driven organizations. Here, every idea is scrutinized. Every deliverable is triple-considered. Every outcome is measured. We believe that what we do matters because it helps mission-driven organizations move mountains.

A Quick Note About “Process”

Our process is like a feather: structured enough to get the job done, flexible enough to soar. And overseeing the Mighty Citizen process? Our large project management team. Their job is to keep every aspect of your project in synch—and to ensure you’re informed and involved along the way. Our project managers become your greatest advocates in meeting your goals.

Research & Analytics

Research kills opinions. Research—into your users’ needs, your competitors’ brands, your marketplace’s gaps—herds scattershot marketing tactics into a single, coherent strategy.

Our researchers conduct stakeholder interviews, develop user personas, craft and execute large-scale surveys, and perform qualitative brand audits of your competitors. Then they translate all of the hard data into actionable insights to better connect with your audiences.

Analytics are the other half of the data puzzle. Our Google-certified Analytics professionals will setup your Google Analytics platform to your unique needs. They’ll interpret your numbers into the language of strategy and operational improvements. They’ll help you track, uncover, and react to the insights you actually care about.

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Branding & Strategy

Your brand is the feeling people get when they encounter your organization. Everything goes into shaping your brand—every webpage, every Tweet, every phone call, every office happy hour. Any time your organization moves through the world, you’re accumulating more brand.

We’ll help you figure out a) what your organization’s brand is right now (honestly) and b) what it should become. Then we’ll show you how to get there. That’s what we mean by “strategy.”

Perhaps your brand feels outdated and needs a facelift. Or maybe you’re ready to rethink why and how your organization exists. The brand strategists at Mighty Citizen have helped countless organizations rethink and reorient themselves to their clients, creating deeper connections along the way.

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UX Design & Content

Think of design as a high-wire balancing act. Up there, where the stakes are high and the payoff extraordinary, professionals must mix proficiency with beauty. Proficient and ugly leaves the audience impressed but bored. Beautiful but ineffective? Well, that doesn’t get you far.

Everything we design—a website, an integrated campaign, a brand—puts your users at the center without sacrificing your goals. With Mighty Citizen, you’ll get a scalable, beautiful, user-delighting solution that’s grounded in what works.

Meanwhile, there’s content strategy, waiting in the wings, eager for your attention. Everything is content, and content is the driving reason your audiences come to you. We provide strategy, messaging, copywriting, governance, audits—and everything that affects how you speak to the world.

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Everything is marketing. Your URL is marketing, as is your logo, your website, and your organization’s name.

At Mighty Citizen, our mission is to put your mission front and center—to secure your brand in the minds of the people you most want to connect with. The marketing tactics we’ll deploy to do this—fundraising, membership campaigns, media buying and planning, content creation, social media, search advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), everything—is in service of your bottom-line goals.

Search is crucial to your future success in a digital world. As the Internet becomes more crowded with competing websites, you have to invest in getting found. Our Google-certified experts in search will be your close collaborators—helping you understand how people are searching online, and how you can beat the competition to soar up the Google rankings.

Fundraising and membership strategy and implementation is another of our favorite project types—offering us the chance to partner with our clients to enhance their brands and bottom lines. By combining our design, technology, and content expertise with our clients’ deep understanding of their audiences, we regularly develop short- and long-term fundraising and membership campaigns that are measurable and relevant.

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Web Development

Ideas are cool, but experiences are cooler. Web development is how designs come to life in interactive, engaging ways. Web development transforms ideas into experiences.

The developers at Mighty Citizen are some of the sharpest, most experienced in the industry. But more than being programmers, they’re listeners. They collaborate at every step of your project—from discovery through launch—and can therefore identify novel solutions. The result? Your website/app is sound, future-proof, and takes advantage of the very latest developments in the world of programming.

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