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Nick Weynand

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Every day I get to create a great place to work, solve interesting challenges for clients, and improve the lives of others. Mighty Citizen allows me to do the things I love.”

Nick never stops.

That’s why, all these years after the company’s founding in 1999, Nick still treats each day as a thrilling, personal challenge: How can I improve as a leader? How can we improve as a company? How do we leave today better than we found it?

His drive and curiosity have fueled the transformation of Mighty Citizen from a humble beginning (when Nick was still an undergrad at The University of Texas) to, now, one of the fastest-growing, most admired digital and branding agencies in Texas.

Over the life of Mighty Citizen (originally named TradeMark Media), Nick has overseen the strategy, design, and development of more than 600 projects—from small “brochure” websites to multi-million dollar integrated campaigns (and everything in between).

Admired for his unflappable commitment to his clients’ success and sharp insights into business development and entrepreneurship, Nick is often tapped to share his hard-earned wisdom across the industry. Nick regularly consults with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and enterprise businesses across the U.S.

He believes Mighty Citizen has an obligation to make the world a better place by helping our clients solve problems and create deeper connections. He’s equally dedicated to the professional and personal growth of the Mighty Citizen team.

Nick spends his free time with his family—his wife, Courtney; his two children, Eisley and Everett; and their dog, Cassius. When not cooking, reading, or playing with the kids outside, Nick is usually found volunteering for local nonprofit organizations, including his role on the board of directors for Meals on Wheels Central Texas.

Mighty Citizen since 1999

Location: Austin, TX

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