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Jan 03, 2024 BY Nick Weynand Mighty News

Press Release: Mighty Citizen and the University of Louisville Forge Partnership to Modernize Online Experience


AUSTIN, TX Mighty Citizen, a branding and digital transformation agency renowned for its expertise in crafting compelling digital experiences, proudly announces its strategic partnership with the University of Louisville (UofL). This groundbreaking collaboration is set to redefine UofL’s web presence, ushering in a new era of accessibility, user-friendliness, and centralized management.

The partnership’s primary outcomes include the rejuvenation and modernization of the University’s online platform. With a keen focus on enhancing user experience, Mighty Citizen’s expertise will empower key audiences to effortlessly locate and comprehend information, ultimately facilitating more informed decision-making and encouraging prompt action. Moreover, this strategic initiative will considerably streamline the managerial aspects of UofL’s website and web presence, simplifying backend operations for the institution’s web managers. Content creation and updates across the university will become a more intuitive process, empowering content managers to swiftly adapt to evolving needs.

“Our current website was in need of significant upgrades to help market to key audiences and better serve our current students, faculty, staff, and friends,” said John Drees, Vice President for Communications and Marketing. “Through this partnership, we are creating a best-in-class site that will help us better reach those audiences while streamlining our online processes and improving efficiency for our users.”

A central facet of this collaboration is the creation of a student-centric user experience catering to both prospective and current students. By harnessing the power of user-centered design, Mighty Citizen and UofL are dedicated to delivering an online environment that resonates with the modern student, offering intuitive navigation and personalized interactions. This personalized approach extends to the content management experience as well, enabling flexibility and user-friendly content creation and updates.

One of the key intentions of this partnership is to address the challenges posed by the enrollment cliff—a pivotal undertaking affecting many institutions. With the University’s current decentralized structure, where individual schools maintain separate websites and processes, the task of ensuring consistent branding and user experience has proven challenging. Mighty Citizen’s collaboration with UofL seeks to bridge this gap, harmonizing the brand identity while also addressing backend complexities, content governance, and enhanced access to analytics.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with the University of Louisville. This collaboration signifies our commitment to advancing higher education through strategic thinking, engaging creative and digital transformation—and helping foster meaningful connections between institutions and their audiences,” said Nick Weynand, Founder & CEO of Mighty Citizen. “By melding Mighty Citizen’s proficiency in digital strategy and design with UofL’s academic excellence, we envision a future where navigating the University’s offerings is seamless, engaging, and effective.”

The partnership between Mighty Citizen and the University of Louisville stands as a testament to both entities’ dedication to innovation and progress. Together, they aim to shape the future of higher education’s digital landscape, setting a new standard for user engagement, accessibility, and strategic content management.

MEDIA CONTACT: Brianna Martin, Director of Brand Marketing - [email protected].

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About the University of Louisville

Founded in 1798 as one of the nation’s first city-owned public universities, the University of Louisville (UofL) is a vital ecosystem that creates thriving futures for students, our community, and society. As one of only 79 universities in the United States to earn recognition by the Carnegie Foundation as both a Research 1 and a Community Engaged university, we impact lives in areas of student success and research and innovation, while our dynamic connection with our local and global communities provides unparalleled opportunities for students and citizens both. The university serves as an engine that powers Metro Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky and as a classroom for UofL’s more than 23,000 students, who benefit from partnerships with top employers and a wide range of community service opportunities. Through the university’s approach to education, innovation, and connection, Cardinals make impacts that make a difference, shaping a better future for all. To learn more, visit

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