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Dec 02, 2022 BY Cassandra Hansen, former Mighty Citizen Marketing, Web Development

Our Resources for Google Analytics 4

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You may already know that Universal Analytics (or Google Analytics as you know it) sunset on July 1, 2023, being replaced with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)! If you didn’t know, then we’re thrilled to introduce you to your new analytics powerhouse.

GA4 is a major update to Google’s platform, shifting to a completely new data model. With added machine learning and the ability to aggregate all of your data streams, you now have an even clearer picture of your users’ behavior.

We know analytics can be a daunting conversation, especially for teams that are already scraping for support. To ensure that your transition to Google Analytics 4 is as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled all of our resources about GA4, from high-level introductions to more granular components, here:

Google Analytics 4: An Introduction

Universal Analytics stopped processing data on July 1st, 2023. We recommend that you begin tracking your data using GA4 as soon as possible! GA4 was built with these considerations in mind: prioritizing user events over sessions, providing more insight across multiple domains, and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the reporting of this data. The future of marketing analytics is here, today!

Let Cassandra Hansen, our Digital Marketing Strategist, introduce you to the new era of Google Analytics:

Setting up Events in Google Analytics 4

Events! Events! Events! One of the main changes in GA4 is that events now have a higher tracking priority than sessions. Previously, events had to be set up individually using the site tag or Google Tag Manager. GA4 uses an event-based data model, meaning that everything—every interaction, click, and scroll—is automatically sent to your reports as an event.

Learn about GA4’s data model, the different ways events are collected, testing methods, overall best practices, and more:

Building Custom and Recommended Events in Google Analytics 4

Unsure of where to start? We’ve developed a how-to guide that walks you through how to use the Google tag to set up custom event tracking for your website. Download to get started:

Google Analytics 4 for Nonprofits: The 3 Events Every Nonprofit Must Track

Effective nonprofit websites use a command of storytelling to show impact. Every page is designed with a purpose in mind, encouraging the reader to complete some action. When thinking about what to track, you can start by posing one primary question: What are the tasks you want your visitors to complete on your website? If you haven’t identified these website goals and tracked them in Google Analytics to determine when, where, and how often they’re occurring, you’ll never know how your website is truly performing.

Take a look at the three events every nonprofit should be tracking in GA4:

Google Analytics 4 for Associations: The 4 Events Every Association Must Track

Associations balance conferences, event planning, member recruitment and retention, education, and advocacy. The most effective association websites balance audiences and drive them toward their goals within your organization. Every association’s mission is different, but your association’s top goals should be obvious both on your website and in your Google Analytics account.

Take a look at the four events every association should be tracking in GA4:

Google Analytics 4 for Higher Education: The 4 Events Every University Must Track

For higher education, marketing is more important than ever. Postsecondary enrollment has declined 9.6% since 2010, and institutions will face increased pressure to showcase their value. With many universities looking to cut costs, having an effective and efficient marketing strategy is paramount. How can you optimize your digital experience to keep tabs on the behavior of a diminishing pool of applicants? The best higher education websites have authority and clearly communicate the ROI they offer to students. Their calls to action (CTAs) encourage students to engage with the school depending on the audience they belong to.

Take a look at the four events every university should be tracking in GA4:

Our fellow mission-driven communicators and marketers know just how important analytics are to your organization’s mission. Ensuring your website, messaging, and campaigns are working to their maximum potential is critical to your success. With Google Analytics 4, you’re now one step closer to mastering your marketing.

Mighty Citizen Can Help

In need of a helping hand for beginning your Google Analytics venture? Our team of digital marketing experts can set you up on the new platform so you can get to tracking the data you care about. Drop us a line—we’d love to chat!

Stay tuned for more GA4 resources from us, and sign up for our monthly newsletter so you never miss a beat!


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