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Cassandra Hansen

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
I love presenting a complex finding and seeing the spark that shows our clients understand how this will help them going forward.”

Cassandra is curious.

If digital prowess is success then curiosity is its currency. Cassandra loves digging into complex problems (and spreadsheets) to learn more about the world around her.

At Mighty Citizen, Cassandra works with clients to uncover opportunities for growth in their marketing efforts through digital campaign strategies, paid advertising campaigns, and data-driven insights. She is a whiz in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Supermetrics among many other technologies. Together, these tools provide a lot of data but also a lot of confusion for the average person. Cassandra turns the results of these tools into stories that help mission-driven organizations better understand their current landscapes and where they’re headed next.

Cassandra has followed a non-traditional career path: she started a tech, marketing, and creative services business at age 17; ran it successfully; then went to college as a non-traditional student where she discovered an interest in behavioral and marketing analytics while working as a marketer for the University of Iowa. After college, she moved to agency life where she could make an even greater impact furthering the mission of many worthy organizations.

A self-proclaimed xenophile, Cassandra has lived in India, Ireland, and England and speaks Spanish and Hindi along with some Korean, Gaelic, and Italian. She regularly volunteers in an effort to expand her knowledge of different cultures. Please ask her about her World Cheese Award. Please!

Mighty Citizen since 2021

Location: Austin, TX

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