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Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion: Our Commitment

Our Equity and Inclusion Journey

Mighty Citizen is on an equity and inclusion journey. A journey—not to imply a destination—but an ongoing commitment to creating a workplace for everyone, and work that represents the communities we aim to reach. In 2019, we launched an internal initiative to increase the diversity of our staff. Included in this initiative is the goal to define our agency’s diversity plan and publicly share portions of it to hold ourselves accountable. We still have work to do and are learning more each day about how to do it better.

Our Why

At Mighty Citizen, advancing equity, and inclusion means fostering differences of thought, identity, and perspective while approaching equity as part of our culture rather than a destination. We recognize the role that diversity plays in creating justice as well as the opportunity we have to impart lasting change through our work. A commitment to equity and inclusion is a commitment to learning, iterating, and understanding the ways in which we can better meet this social responsibility. We are not experts, and therefore, part of our commitment is to expand our company value of continuous learning to encompass issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion while amplifying marginalized voices along the way.

By building initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion, we’re striving for two overall goals:

Ensure Representation

In our industry, many of the teams running campaigns simply don’t reflect the people they’re trying to reach. When we bring more points of view to our collaborative sessions, we more fully consider all perspectives that affect the final outcome of our work, making the work more inclusive and effective. It’s important that our team reflects the audiences we target and the communities we serve wherever our work appears.

Pursue Equity

The tactics that ladder up to this goal touch everything from our hiring practices to our company culture. Diversity, as well as cultural and personal support, should be celebrated and fostered at every level of our organization. Any company can create a diversity program, but the real work is in creating cultural support and a sense of belonging to champion diversity into all levels of employment, especially senior and C-suite employment. We have a social responsibility to create equity and inclusion both internally through our hiring practices, salary structure, and culture, as well as externally through the work we produce.

Our Current Initiatives


All of our job descriptions contain language that strongly urges minority groups to apply. More than that, we’ve revisited the way we recruit at Mighty Citizen as a whole. Recognizing that the “right” candidate may not come from a traditional or expected background, we’ve invested in posting our jobs on organizational boards, forums, and other platforms that directly face minority and marginalized communities. We strongly believe that diversity in experiences and thought allows us to produce our best work, and we’re committed to exploring how we can better position ourselves to hire candidates from varied backgrounds.

Internal Culture

In 2020, we formed a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee that represents our executive team and a member of every department. The DEI committee is responsible for researching, planning, and implementing various initiatives and educational opportunities that ladder up to our overall goals.

Additionally, the DEI committee hosts a roundtable every quarter, open to anyone who would like to participate to have free discussion about our efforts, current events relating to DEI, personal perspectives, and more. While hiring is one part of the equation, creating a workplace where all voices can be heard and encouraged to contribute is the best way to foster an inclusive environment. As our agency grows, we’re committed to keeping these conversations open and frequent.

We also regularly donate to causes that affect our communities (like the Equal Justice Initiative, The Trevor Project, various national mental health organizations, and more).

This page is intentionally adapatable, informed by our own learning and understanding as we continue on this journey. We’re committed to building a workplace that is equitable.

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