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What Can a Website Redesign Do for Your Organization?

Redesigning your organization’s website can open new opportunities to improve your brand, audience engagement, and more! So, what exactly can a new website do for your organization? Redesigning your website can:

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1. Improve Your User Experience

We say it all the time: Everything you publish is content—and your website is your biggest piece of content! Most of your marketing and communications efforts are spent trying to get the right people to get eyes on your website. But what happens when they arrive? Do they want to stay and engage? Or, does cognitive strain send them running for the hills?

Redesigning your website can present new opportunities to improve user experience. You may be stuck with a Content Management System (CMS) that limits your flexibility. Or, you may have been too afraid to peel back the layers of your website because there’s just so much content, and it’s overwhelming to think about auditing. At any rate, a redesign can be used to dissect your website, and distill it down to clear, purposeful content with the right call to action at every turn. It’s also likely that you’ll find yourself on the other side with an increased ability to customize and optimize your website content.

2. Refresh Your Brand Identity

Ask yourself: How has your organization’s brand changed over time? More specifically, how has your organization’s brand changed since your last website redesign? If your website has been around for a while, it’s likely that the people who manage your website content have cycled and changed. Over time, messaging can become fractured, content can become outdated, and your website can become more of a time capsule than a resource.

Any organization struggling with brand identity can benefit from a website redesign. It creates the rare opportunity to bulldoze through the existing structure, framework, look, and feel of your website and build something that is cohesive across every component.

3. Improve Accessibility

At Mighty Citizen, we believe that good web design is accessible web design. Your website should be able to be used by everyone—from both a moral and legal standpoint. With more than 100 million Americans who have some sort of disability, it’s simply common sense to design and build fully accessible websites. If your website has fallen into disrepair to the point that it becomes inaccessible, you’re ignoring the needs of millions of users. In turn, you’re also preventing millions of people from being able to perceive and understand your most public-facing content.

4. Improve Mobile Optimization and Performance

In addition to accessibility, redesigning your website can give you the opportunity to optimize performance—both on mobile and desktop. If your organization’s website doesn’t function (or doesn’t function well) on mobile, you’re losing a large percentage of your audiences, and consequently, conversions on your website. That’s too many donations, volunteers, membership applicants, etc. lost! Your website should exist on mobile and be just as good, if not better, than your desktop site.

A website redesign can also help you improve your site performance. If your website is noticeably slow, that issue will only compound on itself as time goes on. Your site performance could also be affecting the searchability of your content. In recent years, Google has started weighing site performance as a factor in search ranking.

5. Keep a Competitive Edge

Your website isn’t only competing against the 8-second attention spans of your audience. It’s competing against every other mission-driven organization that exists in your space. For better or worse, humans are very visual. If your users can find what they’re looking to accomplish on your competitors’ websites in a cleaner, more dynamic, or more interactive way, you’ll lose nearly every time.

If you forgo redesigning your website while all of your competitors are updating theirs, the standard for what is “current” or “modern” will shift—and you’ll be left in the dust.

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