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Our Most Popular Articles of 2019

We’re putting a bow on 2019 as we wrap up another great year at Mighty Citizen! If you’re like us, that means you’re planning for 2020 and taking a look back at the work you’ve done over the past year. (It also means you’re realizing that the 1990s were three decades ago. What?!).

Our Insights exist to empower mission-driven organizations through our industry knowledge and best practices. In that spirit, we’re revisiting the five articles that our clients, friends, and supporters like you engaged with the most in 2019:

Designing for Digital Natives: Connecting with Gen Z

The digital world is ever-changing. Gen Z (born between ~1995 – 2010) has never known life without omnipresent technology. Smartphones. Fitbits. RFID sensors. This constant access to connection and information shapes how they see the world and how they communicate—and how they interact with brands.

This article explores the minds and perceptions of digital natives, what they value (and what they don’t), and how to achieve our responsibility to meet them where they are.

Mighty Big Day 2019 Key Takeaways

In September of this year, we hosted our very first conference for impact marketing right here in Austin, the Mighty Big Day! It was a day for mission-driven communicators to learn, network, and plan their 2020 marketing strategy. For everyone who couldn’t make it, we published our key takeaways from the conference to help you plan for next year, too.

Learn more about concepts like the pyramid approach for your content strategy or the “five-second test” for evaluating your website messaging.

Messaging Platforms for Famous People

A messaging platform is like a set of brand guidelines, for your words. It’s a sacred document for your internal team that spells out exactly how your organization communicates about your work in different scenarios and with different audiences. Just because we love messaging so much, we created a messaging platform for some of our favorite celebrities. Your platform should be as consistent, memorable, and uniquely yours as these! Also, Matthew McConaughey is on the list. Come on, you have to click it.

How to Tell Stories Better

Mighty Insights

Insights, delivered.

Humans weave everything we do, see, and believe into a story. Stories are how we learn. They’re how we make sense of chaos. Stories, literally and figuratively, rule the world. If your organization identifies and tells good stories, you’ll more quickly hit your goals (and you’ll set yourself apart from your competition, who probably aren’t telling enough good stories.)

Earlier this year, we ran a storytelling series highlighting effective storytelling for nonprofits. The three-part series shares what we know about how stories function in an organizational context. You, our dear readers, put Part Two, “How to Tell Stories Better”, on this end-of-year list. We encourage you to take a look at all three to learn how you can improve your storytelling in 2020!

Anatomy of a Mission-Driven Website

Our final fan-favorite has had a great run this year, working its way into a major presentation at our Mighty Big Day, and most recently, into one of our webinars. (You can watch that webinar now on-demand).

For mission-driven communicators, our websites are the frontlines. They’re our membership director, our communications manager, and our best fundraiser, available 24/7 to spread the good word about our organizations. They’re either attracting or deflecting interest, membership, and donations. Websites are powerful but they often lack the humanity that best sells an organization.

As a bonus, check out some of our picks for the best websites we saw in 2019 across nonprofit, higher education, association, and government industries.

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