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Our Guide to Nonprofit Storytelling

Become a Better Storytelling Organization
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Humans weave everything we do, see, and believe into a story. Stories are how we learn. They’re how we make sense of chaos. Stories, literally and figuratively, rule the world.

If your organization identifies and tells good stories, you’ll more quickly hit your goals (and you’ll set yourself apart from your competition, who probably aren’t telling enough good stories.)

We’ve put together a Storytelling Series for you. In these articles highlighting effective storytelling for nonprofits, we share what we know about how stories function in an organizational context. Whether you’re attempting to raise money, attract members, receive more applications, or simply connect more deeply with your audience, stories are key. We hope these insights help.

Part I

Stories are powerful tools. They help us make sense of the noise that surrounds us by putting it into a form that makes sense and moves us. For nonprofits, there’s no better tool to connect with volunteers, clients, and donors.

Part II

Organizations need to tell more stories. And it’s hard to tell stories because it’s hard to find them. Too often, organizations get in a rut and end up telling versions of the same problem-solution story over and over. So, how can you find the storytelling gold hiding in your organization? It starts with beginning to foster a culture of storytelling.

Part III

Finding the powerful stories that are hiding in your organization isn’t enough. You also have to make sure you’re telling them well. Read below about the five components that set the foundation of a good story: A hero, a guide, structure, readability, and emotion.

And There’s More!

For a more in-depth look at how to surface and share better stories, check out our Storytelling for Impact on-demand webinar:

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