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Our Best Resources for Branding & Strategy

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To present your organization accurately, effectively, and in the best way possible, your branding and strategy must be on point. After all, if you’re not presenting yourself with your best foot forward, how will your audiences know that you can help them? A branding or strategy disconnect can lead to organizational goals going unmet, sowing distrust among your audiences, or limiting your ability to create change in the world.

Aligning your branding, messaging, and overall strategy with your organization’s values and goals is paramount to its success. However, there are many moving parts that you may not be considering.

Our team here at Mighty Citizen has compiled our top resources for branding and strategy to help kickstart your organization’s efforts:

The Mighty Branding Toolkit

Everyone needs a little help sometimes—and that’s precisely why we created a toolkit to aid you in whatever stage of the branding journey you’re in. Learn how to prioritize, organize, and optimize your image with our brand evaluation guide, brand & marketing asset tracker, and other free tools! After 20 years of helping mission-driven organizations with their rebranding strategies, we’re happy to provide a toolkit that can get you started. Check it out:

How to Build Brand Awareness

If you’re working hard to build your brand, are you also measuring brand awareness? Brand awareness as a concept can seem vague or nebulous, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Clemens, and Content Strategist, Andrew Buck, break down two helpful ways to measure your organization’s brand awareness. Watch the video below:

Messaging Platforms: Our Guide for Igniting Your Messaging Strategy

As marketers, we spend plenty of time worrying about what our target audiences say about us—and rightfully so! Developing marketing materials, connecting with your audience, and relaying your brand’s messaging is a lot to organize and optimize. However, when was the last time you considered how your organization speaks about itself?

Is your entire organization on the same page when communicating the right message? Without guidance and a messaging platform to unify your communications, your brand message will fall flat on the audiences who need to hear it the most.

We’ve compiled all of our messaging platform resources into this guide to help you understand how prioritizing messaging can benefit your overall marketing strategy. Take a look:

Annual Communications Plan Template

A written communications plan lets you lay out exactly what you’re going to do, your strategy, what to prioritize, and how you’ll budget for it. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best ways to keep an eye on your organization’s strategic goals and have a “north star” for your communications efforts.

Need a plan to execute with confidence, control, and enthusiasm? Download our annual communications plan template and get started:

How to Write a Communications Plan Using Our Annual Communications Plan Template

You’ve downloaded our annual communications plan template, so now what? This article takes you through each section of the template and how to use it. Soon, you’ll be on your way to developing an action plan with measurable objectives, and making a strong case to leadership for more investment in your marketing and communications efforts!

The Challenges and Benefits of Brand Consistency

Some organizations realize the power of brand—that regardless of action or inaction, it will always speak for itself. Other organizations haven’t tapped into how a brand can accelerate an organization towards its goals, audiences, and mission.

We like to think of branding as a mindset—how you view the world and where your organization relates to it. Challenges arise over time as you consistently push your organization’s image into the world but the benefits from this consistency should create lasting engagement and understanding from your audiences. Check out our article for more on these challenges and benefits:

Mighty Citizen Can Help

Are you curious about revamping your branding or implementing a new strategy at your organization? Give us a shout! We’d love to hear more and be a resource to your team.

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