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Jan 25, 2021 BY Rachel Clemens, former Mighty Citizen Research, Marketing

Messaging Platforms: Our Guide for Igniting Your Messaging Strategy

As marketers, we spend plenty of time worrying about what our target audiences say about us—and rightfully so! You put a lot of energy into developing marketing materials for your organization, building an emotional connection with your members, donors, or volunteers, and relaying your brand message. You evaluate whether your marketing messages are translating across all channels.

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But maybe more important is to consider what your organization says about itself. Sure, you might have established your unique selling proposition (USP), positioning statement, value proposition, and tagline, but do you have alignment across your organization (and is everyone using them correctly)? Is anyone outside of your department familiar with your messaging strategy and marketing efforts?

If there are front-facing people in your organization who don’t know how to deliver the right message about who you are to your target audience and stakeholders, then you have a brand message problem that even your greatest marketing efforts can’t overcome.

There is an immense benefit from having your brand messaging strategy clearly defined. That’s where a messaging platform comes in. A messaging platform is your organization’s opportunity to build a culture of effective messaging—from leadership to every single new hire. It should seep into every aspect of your marketing, informing everything from your decision-making down to your social media copy, marketing emails, and landing pages. We’ve compiled all of our messaging platform resources into this guide to help you understand how it can benefit your overall marketing strategy.

Messaging Platforms: What They Are and Why You Need One

A messaging platform is an internal-facing document that organizes your entire messaging ecosystem. It helps your team define or refocus on your “why”, who you serve, and what you offer. It provides insight into what message strategy works best for your target audiences. Most importantly, it allows everyone to accurately reflect your brand and grow your impact. Your messaging strategy comes before everything, and this document will help you build consensus and consistency.

Creating a Messaging Platform: A Case Study

Your people will always be your best marketing strategy.

Say it with me.

Your people will always be your best marketing strategy.

Learn it, understand it, believe it—because it’s true! Some of the most impactful organizations have clarity about who they are at every level, and that’s no accident.

We recently created a messaging platform for our client, Every Body Texas, as part of their rebranding. Every Body Texas works to ensure that every person in Texas can access safe, unbiased, and high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. Formerly Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas, Every Body Texas’ rebranding was an opportunity to define their messaging strategy. Now, it’s a sturdy foundation for their mighty cause.

Messaging Platforms for Famous People

Here’s one just for fun: how would some of your favorite celebrities and characters define different areas of a messaging platform? What’s Prince’s positioning strategy? Leslie Knope’s vision statement? What about Keanu Reeves’ elevator pitch? Your goal should be to establish a voice, uniqueness, and point of view for your organization that’s as consistent, memorable, and undoubtedly yours as theirs are!

Bonus: 6 Easy Ways To Make Your Value Proposition More Valuable

A value proposition tells your target audience how you’re going to help them—demonstrating your value. It’s probably one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy as a whole. This article will help you learn more about what a value proposition is (and isn’t!) and six ways to use yours.

Make Your Messaging Mightier

We love building messaging platforms for our clients because they can truly transform an organization. If we can help you discover and define your most effective messaging, please let us know.


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