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Jul 18, 2016 BY A Mighty Citizen UX Design & Content, Web Development

Inspirational Nonprofit Websites

We regularly find inspiration on the Web. around the globe. Here are some of our team’s favorite nonprofit websites—and why we look to these sites for inspiration.

OXFAM International

The bright, colorful palette at OXFAM International evokes optimism and multiculturalism. The headline and accent typeface is ever-so-slightly uneven, which suggests a personal friendliness. Large call-to-action buttons on both the homepage and the interior pages make donating easy and obvious. The well-designed infographics on the financial page offer an easy way to understand OXFAM’s stewardship. 


From the engaging, emotion-driven photos of the animals to the clear call-to-action, the ASPCA website is both easy to navigate and donor friendly. It’s a frequent example we use with clients to highlight that content is still king. (And large donation buttons work!)

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Invisible Children

Mighty Citizen CMO Rachel Clemens finds inspiration in the Invisible Children website. The use of video to engage users right on the homepage is wonderful and they state exactly why they exist on the content overlay on the video. The combined effect—the video with the statement—is powerful. All the graphics and video elements on the site are clear and compelling. The donate button never leaves, even as you scroll down the page. 

Wildlife Conservation Society

Senior Designer Gardiner Rhoderick points to the Wildlife Conservation Society as inspiration—and a great example of a site that is intended to evoke an emotion. The use of high-quality assets, in this case photography, creates a dramatic and memorable impression. The unconventional layout adds engagement to the user experience. The use of black, classic typography also makes this site stand out. A great example of this typography along with the photography is illustrated on the Get Involved page within the site.

Hope for New York

I am personally inspired by the Hope for New York website. I like to reference this space when we talk about acquiring people’s names or encouraging volunteers or donors to sign up on their website. The functionality of the form on the page allows you to immediately segment your audience, and only provide them with the opportunities they want. I also find the ease of use and bright colors, as well as the “animation” of the stats on the About page, a quick way to understand the impact of the organization.

Inspiration is all around us. When planning for your next website enhancement or how to maximize volunteers or evoke emotion in potential donors, take a look at the websites that share space in this industry. The use of color, typography, photography and functionality can be illustrated in several successful measures and can raise the bar of success in your organization.


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