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Gardiner Rhoderick

Vice President of Creative and Marketing
Great design is the complex pursuit of simplicity.”

Gardiner designs.

It’s really as simple—and infinitely complex—as that.

With a long, storied career in design—including positions at Sibley/Peteet, The University of Texas (his alma mater), and Webster University—Gardiner has spent his entire career creating beautiful, workable solutions for clients of all stripes.

His designs have been adopted by WalMart, AMD, TxDOT, Texas Tech University, and countless others across the globe.

The breadth of his expertise is impressive—including illustration, web design, print and logo design, strategy, and content structure. He sees the whole project at once, while simultaneously understanding how each element of a design works together. Ask him to describe his thinking behind a design, then sit back and relax: His eloquence in describing his thought process is almost as fascinating as the design itself.

Before joining Mighty Citizen, Gardiner was Creative Director at the nonprofit-focused agency Creative Suitcase, working on marketing solutions for an array of clients like Whole Kids Foundation, the Austin Board of Realtors, and Literacy First.

When not pushing pixels or tracking changes, he loves jumping into the nearest swimming hole, pretending he’s in a rock band, and eating as much queso as possible.

Mighty Citizen since 2016

Location: Austin, TX

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