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Let’s Talk Brand and Your Association Board: Ask Me Anything

Thinking about changing your brand? Whether it’s due to membership lagging, engagement dropping, revenue slipping, or the brand just not evolving with your organization over time, an association’s decision to reassess and refine a brand is typically aligned with one or more of these problems.

The good news? A rebrand done right, with buy-in (and excitement!) from your board and stakeholders, can have a significant impact on your association and help improve all of the challenges mentioned above.

The bad news? Getting the buy-in and excitement from those stakeholders can oftentimes be a challenging, long, and arduous process.

Join our Q&A-style webinar on June 10 to hear Gardiner Rhoderick, Mighty Citizen’s Creative Director, and Michele Stickel, Director of Marketing and Strategic Projects at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP), answer your burning questions about the value of branding and share tips on how to convey that value to your board. You’ll also hear about NAPNAP’s recent rebrand journey, including board and other stakeholder challenges, lessons learned, and obstacles overcome to launch their successful and well-received rebrand. And of course, the chance to ask Michele and Gardiner anything! If you like to submit questions ahead of this webinar, submit them at

Learn the fundamentals! Check out this express talk (20 minutes) with Gardiner on four ways to convey the value of brand to your Board ahead of this webinar.


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