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Wiley Koepp

Senior Developer
I thrive on helping people identify problems, brainstorming ideas, and implementing the best possible solution.”

Wiley surprises.

Which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering the experiences he brings to Mighty Citizen.

His stem-to-stern web application development experience began in 2005 and has run the gamut—from handling initial client meetings and system design to writing code and conducting post-launch training, including a long stint at The University of Texas. That expertise, coupled with 10+ years of teaching and counseling in and around Austin, has honed his ability to translate “tech speak” into everyday language.

They say that a great developer should be a great listener. Wiley’s penchant for hearing our clients’ problems as challenges, and then developing elegant code to solve them, is proof that the maxim holds true.

Wiley is a proud father, husband, and drummer. When not playing with his sons, he can be found performing in one of Austin’s many live music venues.

Mighty Citizen since 2014

Location: Round Rock, TX

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