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Wiley Koepp

Senior Developer
I thrive on helping people identify problems, brainstorming ideas, and implementing the best possible solution.”

Wiley surprises.

Which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering the experiences he brings to Mighty Citizen.

His web and software development career began in 2005 at The University of Texas at Austin, where he did everything from running project kickoff meetings with clients to IA/system design, writing code, and conducting post-launch training. This wide array of expertise, coupled with 10+ years of teaching and counseling, has honed his ability to translate “tech speak” into everyday language.

They say that a great developer should be a great listener. Wiley’s penchant for hearing our clients’ problems as challenges, and then developing elegant code to solve them, is proof that the maxim holds true.

Wiley is a proud father, husband, and drummer. In a more recent musical endeavor, he sings and plays guitar in an acoustic duo with his wife, Brittany.

Mighty Citizen since 2014

Location: Round Rock, TX

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