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Whitney Larimer

Senior Partnerships Manager, Higher Education
The everyday opportunity to connect, listen, and work together to accomplish a common goal is the true definition of a partnership. Trusted partnerships are what Mighty Citizen and I are known for.”

Whitney partners.

As the daughter of two high school principals, it’s no surprise that Whitney built her career in education. She’s passionate about student success and helping colleges make deep connections with their students. Whitney’s a true expert in higher education, coming to Mighty Citizen with 19 years of experience consulting institutions. If you can name it, she’s done it (seriously). Now, Whitney brings her passion and expertise to the table as our Senior Partnerships Manager for Higher Education.

As a self-taught planner, Whitney loves to organize schedules, weddings, fundraisers, and other events. On the off chance she isn’t planning, she keeps her eyes peeled for recipes and crafts to make on the weekends, outside of traveling for her daughter’s softball tournaments! Speaking of traveling, can you believe Whitney’s been to 49 out of the 50 states?

Mighty Citizen since 2023

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

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