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Sinovia Mayfield, PMP, CSPO, CSM

Senior Project Manager
I’m driven by a dissatisfaction with just doing things the way they’ve always been done.”

Sinovia adapts.

Ask Sinovia what she does at Mighty Citizen and she’ll describe it this way: “I’m like air traffic control for the Mighty Citizen skies. We have so many projects in the works and my role helps to ensure that both our clients and our internal teams are taking off and landing where and how they expect while also making allowances for the unpredictable.” Day to day, Sinovia efficiently and effectively manages projects and organizes people for our clients and their work.

A true believer that your success is only limited by your ability and willingness to learn new things, Sinovia has followed a nonlinear path into project management. She started her career as a production manager for theatrical productions where she managed the cast, crew, and communication of shows from the first script reading all the way through the last performance. She then worked in development and as a volunteer coordinator, raising money and coordinating volunteer projects for nonprofits across Central Arkansas. From there she moved into hunger relief work where she coordinated logistics and staffing for warehouse projects to help Arkansans experiencing food insecurity. And after that, she started a new role as an operations manager for a coding school and helped students navigate transitions into tech. With a newly founded coding background, she made a transition into work as a front-end developer and ops manager for an Arkansas educational tech startup that blossomed into the top web provider for K-12 schools across the US. Whew! Well-rounded much?

In her free time, you’ll find Sinovia out and about in Little Rock with her husband, her daughter Zenith, and their three schnauzers Timber, Uno, and Taxi. Why these unusual names? As much time as you spend shouting after your pets, why not name them after common words that are often yelled?

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Location: Little Rock, AR

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