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Mike Steckel, MLIS

User Experience Director
Structure creates understanding.”

Mike can’t stop thinking.

As User Experience (UX) Director, Mike oversees a team of information architects and online marketers who’re trying every day to build effective solutions for our clients. He’s involved at every stage of our projects—from the early days of discovery and research, through content strategy, and eventually to launch and testing.

Mike’s a relentless examiner: Why this way instead of that way? How can we make this better? Who said we have to follow the rules?

With extensive experience in all elements of UX design—including many years working for giants like National Instruments—Mike is one of the thinkers (and tireless doers) that Mighty Citizen runs on.

When he’s not obsessing over a wireframe, content matrix, or user survey script, Mike enjoys reading, watching his three sons play soccer and music, cycling around his home in central Austin, and talking music of all kinds. (Don’t get him started on Radiohead.)

Mighty Citizen since 2013

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