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Julianna Gonzalez, CSM

Project Coordinator
I thoroughly enjoy paving the process for our teams and helping our clients make a mightier impact.”

Julianna Supports.

Julianna is the eyes and ears on the ground at Mighty Citizen. She’s the second line of defense for our project management department and supports our teams to streamline our day-to-day. Attracted to Mighty Citizen for our mission-driven spirit, Julianna thrives surrounded by people who also pour their all to serve their communities.

Before joining our team, Julianna earned her degree in marketing from St. Edward’s University. She went on to help run a supplemental emergency food program that provided thousands of nutritious meals to local nonprofits within Travis County, interacting with all walks of life and working in a fast-paced environment. From her service industry experience along with a childhood surrounded by a family of business owners, she’s accumulated all of the client-facing and management skills necessary to be a stellar Project Coordinator.

A creative at heart, you can often find Julianna with a guitar or at dance class. She’s enjoyed the Austin lifestyle with her “senior puppy” Bruno at her side since she fell in love with the city in 2015. Ask her for hike recommendations around town!

Mighty Citizen since 2023

Location: Austin, TX

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