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Jay Mendoza

Web Developer
Being critical is necessary for website have to be able to look at something and say it isn’t right. You can’t know what’s right if you don’t know what’s wrong.”

Jay can’t stop learning.

Jay built his first website when he was 13. He’s a perpetual student, driven by curiosity and a desire to problem-solve. His curiosity gave him varied interests in college—studying music education, marketing, and computer information systems before earning his degree in the latter from the University of Texas at Arlington. After graduating, Jay worked to fill user needs in tech support roles in addition to data migration, account management, and sales engineering roles.

He remains intentional about learning, even outside of work. He played the saxophone in school, then taught himself brass instruments (and even marched in a drum and bugle corps!). He’s currently brushing up on his Spanish and German. He learned how to build websites for organizations he was a part of that needed it—and now he brings that insatiable curiosity to his projects at Mighty Citizen.

In his free time, Jay is an avid supporter of the soon-to-be Austin FC soccer team (coming in 2021). He’s even started a band to build support for the league and prime the culture it will bring to Austin. Go get ‘em, Jay!

Mighty Citizen since 2019

Location: Austin, TX

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