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Hannah Rosebraugh

UX Designer
Nailing a website’s information architecture and UX is like snapping that last puzzle piece into place.”

Hannah clarifies.

Ask Hannah how she describes herself, and it’ll sound something like an organized creative or even a “professional thought organizer.”

After graduating from Northwestern University with her bachelor’s in Sociology, Hannah found herself taking a UX Design Bootcamp and fell in love with the art and science of user experience design. From there, she spent the next few years as a UX/ UI designer at a startup, where she was able to explore the visual and research side of projects, leading to her love for research within UX.

As UX Designer, Hannah asks questions that uncover true motivations and pain points. Then she takes a messy pile of information and organizes it into thoughts, structures, and patterns that are intuitive and simple to understand.

In her free time, you can find Hannah traveling, catching Red Rocks shows, studying ergonomics, or creating new vegan + gluten-free recipes (she’s also a long-term vegetarian, 21 years and counting!). She loves to sew and recently started a clothing concept called Scozi (so cozy), where everything is fuzzy and very warm. Ask her about it!

Mighty Citizen since 2023

Location: Denver, CO

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