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Erin Gonzales

Senior Designer
Great design is not only making things look beautiful; it’s about connection—and inspiring action.”

Erin creates.

With over a decade of experience in branding, identity, art direction, and strategy, Mighty Citizen is proud to have Erin as our Senior Designer. She works across web, print, branding, and marketing, touching all areas of design at our agency. Utilizing typography, color, shapes, photography, and various design elements, Erin crafts creative visual solutions to complex problems for organizations that make a difference.

Before joining our team, she worked in a variety of different sectors—including providing work for a national art museum and a global ad agency. Erin brings a strong focus on brand building and brand lifecycles to the team, and she’s always eager to see how great design can help clients thrive.

When she isn’t crafting the best new brand campaign, Erin enjoys the outdoors in California with her husband, son, and Australian cattle dog, Cowboy. Pick her brain about anything outdoorsy, from gardening to land conservation.

Mighty Citizen since 2023

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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