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Alicia Ritchey

Senior Marketing Strategist
I’m committed to amplifying the voices of mission-driven organizations, one campaign at a time.”

Alicia solves.

When Alicia graduated with her BA in Journalism from the Ohio State University, her career path wasn’t initially clear. In fact, she started in a newsroom, and then did a little zig-zag until she found her place. What was that place, you might ask? Marketing!

Much of Alicia’s experience has been in higher education in various marketing capacities within distance education, research centers, colleges, enrollment, and university communications. She has worked at Pearson Education along with institutions like the Ohio State University and the University of Colorado Denver. Alicia deeply values the mission of education and feels like it’s more important than ever.

As our Senior Marketing Strategist, Alicia has the creative autonomy to move the needle for a variety of our mission-driven clients. In her free time, she likes to travel, play pickleball, paddleboard, attend concerts, and explore both the food and outdoor scenes in Denver.

Mighty Citizen since 2023

Location: Denver, CO

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