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Students showing the "hook em" hand sign
Client The University of Texas at Austin Student Affairs
What We Do Branding, Design & Content, Marketing

Living the Longhorn Life


The Division of Student Affairs at UT Austin can comfortably claim that they are responsible for the “college years”—i.e., when alumni look back at their time in school (five, ten, or fifty years from now), it will be the Division of Student Affairs’ work that defines their memories.

Of course, most alumni—heck, most of UT Austin’s 50,000+ current students—don’t realize that the Division is responsible for their dorms, meals, trips to the doctor or counselor or gym, the cleanliness of campus, the abundance of clubs to join, etc. And yet, quietly and tirelessly, the Division spends every day delivering “the college experience.” They have, to say the least, their hands full.

In order to make the student experience safer, richer, and more inclusive, the Division joined forces with Mighty Citizen to tackle a host of communication, design, and strategic challenges. By working within our retainer-style services—known at the Mighty Citizen Partner Program—we gained the flexibility to help the Division (and especially their development team) tackle both big, long-term concerns and churn out detailed, short-term needs.

Here, for instance, are examples of how we brought to life one of their new messages, known as “Living the Longhorn Life.” We gave the tagline a logo, a visual identity, and then spread it far and wide across multiple channels.


  • Communications Strategy
  • Annual Impact Reports
  • Fundraising Messaging & Materials
  • Logo Design
  • Executive Communications
  • Copywriting & Taglines
  • Student & Faculty Research

Impact Report

Each year, the Division compiles an Impact Report. The report is aimed primarily at current and prospective donors. It’s meant to get them excited about everything the Division accomplished over the previous 12 months and what’s planned for the future.

In close collaboration with the 37 units and nine departments that constitute the Division, Mighty Citizen researched, wrote, and designed the Impact Report—weaving in the new visual designs from the “Living the Longhorn Life” brand while also nudging it toward a more dynamic aesthetic.

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