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Our Most Popular Articles of 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and we’re rejoicing just as much as you are!

We’re also in the middle of planning for 2021 and reviewing the content that you engaged with the most over the year.

Our Insights exist to empower mission-driven organizations through our industry expertise and best practices. We’ve tried to be helpful this year while mission-driven organizations everywhere are doing everything they can to help their communities. Here are the five articles you found most helpful this year:

Our Free Editorial Content Calendar Template: How To Use It

Our content calendar template is one of our most popular tools! Content is everything, and the organizations who do it best have an effective way to organize it. Everything you publish should be part of a greater content strategy. This article is supplemental to our tool and walks through how to use each section of the template. Consider it our content planning gift to you!

What Is a Content Audit and How Can I Conduct One?

Your website is vast—like the ocean or outer space! How could you possibly know where everything lives without documenting it? Not only that, but your content lives within different page hierarchies and references other pieces of content. A content audit is an accounting and analysis of content, usually in the form of a spreadsheet containing certain metrics and evaluations. It helps you evaluate how your content is performing so you can tweak it, prioritize it, or get rid of it.

Note: These first two articles on our list are part of Our Guide to Content Governance.

Mighty Insights

Insights, delivered.

Our Definitive Guide to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that helps your organization have a clearer picture of how people are behaving on your website. It can give you a better idea of your traffic sources (like email, social media, organic search, and referrals) and how to leverage those sources even more or give less attention to those that aren’t serving you.

This guide compiles our best resources for Google Analytics. It outlines what goal tracking and conversions are, which goals you should be tracking, and includes tools for measuring your current website performance. As a bonus, it includes our resources for using Google Ad Grants for nonprofits.

Accessibility Resources for Mission-Driven Organizations

The topic of website accessibility is becoming more and more popular due to both social responsibility and heightened legal ramifications for non-compliance. This article is another compilation of all of our accessibility resources. It’s a great introduction to what accessibility is, where the requirements come from, best practices, and key principles for accessibility. It also includes free tools like our on-demand accessibility webinar.

How Nonprofits Have Reframed Their Messaging in the Wake of Coronavirus

This year may have churned up the perfect storm for the nonprofit sector, but organizations are figuring out ways to regroup and adjust to the short-term and long-term realities of our current climate. We (virtually) sat down with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Infectious Disease Society of America Foundation, Humanity & Inclusion, and 50CAN to see how they’re reacting to a year they couldn’t have seen coming. (Bonus: We published a similar article with interviews with national associations).

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