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Feb 09, 2022 BY Rachel Clemens, former Mighty Citizen Marketing

How to Use The Mighty GPS™ Custom Report

If you’re here, you’ve likely already taken The Mighty GPS™, our 10-minute self-assessment for measuring your marketing maturity. If you haven’t, or if you’re not sure what marketing maturity is, start with our resources for improving your marketing maturity.

Mighty Insights

Insights, delivered.

We designed The Mighty GPS to be a useful, accessible, and comprehensive tool to help your organization thrive in its marketing effectiveness. If you’ve taken the assessment, then you now have in your inbox a roadmap to accomplish just that.

The Mighty GPS custom report is your organization’s guide for getting from where you are to where you want to be. It’s full of helpful, valuable resources that you can immediately leverage to improve your marketing effectiveness based on your overall score and marketing maturity stage.

While having your overall score and stage can tell you quite a bit about your organization, the value of your custom report doesn’t stop there. We encourage you to explore all the possible ways you can employ and leverage this resource:

Spark Conversations

At your next marketing/communications team meeting, have members of your team take the report individually. Talk about your scores and the report. Do you agree with parts, or disagree with other parts? Do you think your score is accurate? Where are you in alignment? Where are you not? Are there major gaps in your communications effort that, if money and time weren’t an issue, you’d love to tackle? Ask questions. Debate it.

Build Your Case Internally

The Mighty GPS can’t possibly make the case for you, but we hope it serves as a digestible and compelling piece of evidence in your case—a case for spending money to make money, for focusing on the overlooked fundamentals, for acknowledging that smart and well-funded marketing teams can do incredible things (while tiny, underfunded teams can’t possibly do everything they’re asked to do).


Regardless of your current position on The Mighty GPS “map,” you know you can do some things better, drop some things that aren’t working, and make your work as a professional communicator more interesting. We hope you look at your custom next steps and say, “Yes, we should do that next. The investment is moderate, but the impact could be huge.” Your Mighty GPS results should help you plan ahead, not only regarding “what’s next” but perhaps “who’s next” as well.

Check Back

The Mighty GPS should be an ongoing resource for your organization as you make changes today, a year from now, or five years from now. You can revisit The Mighty GPS multiple times to see how your marketing maturity has evolved and share these results with the people who hold the purse strings.

Compare Yourself To Your Peers

If you want to view marketing benchmarks and see how your efforts compare to your peers after taking The Mighty GPS, download our Marketing Benchmarks for Mission-Driven Organizations report. It showcases how well mission-driven organizations are currently performing with their marketing and provides recommendations and best practices to improve. Where does your marketing shine compared to organizations like yours? Where do you need improvement? This is a great tool to use as a benchmark to track your progress.

Get Our Expert Advice

We know how mission-driven organizations—whether a university, nonprofit, association or public agency—can best meet their goals. We know how to rebrand for success, design a website for impact, craft campaign plans that are invincible, and sell missions instead of sneakers. That’s all we do, every day.

If you find you may need some outside help on a project while utilizing your custom report, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line and discuss all the ways Mighty Citizen can partner with your organization.


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