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Fundraise Up Webinar: Anatomy of a Nonprofit Website

Webinar in partnership with Fundraise Up

If you had an employee who worked 24/7, only said what you told them to, and never took a vacation, you’d be thrilled, right? Disturbed and confused, yes, but also thrilled. That’s your website.

Or at least it should be. Designed and built well, and maintained wisely, your organization’s website has the potential to be your single greatest fundraiser.

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll discover countless ways in which your website might be failing you and your donors—combined with specific, simple ways to repair them. Anyone who cares about their nonprofit’s website can learn, quickly and concretely, what to fix and what to keep.

This webinar will be recorded for future viewing. If you can’t make it, go ahead and register anyway. You’ll receive the recording a little later.


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