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Don’t Ignore 100 Million People: Accessibility 101

In 2018, Section 508 web accessibility rules have grown more robust and detailed—creating new challenges for anyone who manages a website. And given that more and more organizations are being sued for offering non-accessible websites, it’s critical to understand the new accessibility guidelines.

In this example-filled webinar, we’ll explore how you can adhere to these new rules. By the end of this lively, eye-opening talk, you should be able to:

  • Describe why web accessibility matters to everyone
  • Implement basic accessibility practices in your website CMS
  • Distinguish between the different levels of Section 508 and WCAG standards
  • Use basic principles to build websites that adhere to the newest rules
  • Test your websites for accessibility errors

If you’re able to guarantee that you meet Section 508 standards, you’ll be able to build more usable, bigger, and better-respected sites.


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