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Danny Lufkin

Director of Development
Every project is a unique challenge. That’s why I became a developer: to use technologies to solve those challenges.”

Danny investigates.

Beginning his college career as a computer programming major, Danny eventually switched to journalism. He’ll joke that it’s because programming interfered with his golfing habit, but the truth is that Danny loves figuring things out. A natural math and numbers guy, Danny figured programming out quickly—and then moved onto new pursuits.

As one of Mighty Citizen’s senior developers, Danny specializes in Drupal development. He’s an avid member of Drupal’s open-source community and can build anything our clients can imagine (and usually in record time). He’s also got a generous talent for general technology issues; if there’s a server issue to be solved, Danny’s the one we call.

When he’s not helping our clients turn their ideas into reality on the web, Danny can be found investigating America on one of his many road trips, playing golf or video games, or taking lunch at a new Austin eatery.

Mighty Citizen since 2012

Location: Austin, TX

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