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Tara Morrow

Digital Marketing Manager
What’s rewarding? Helping clients perfectly balance creativity and metrics to deliver undeniable results.”

Tara transforms.

Beginning her career as a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, she transformed humble ingredients into world-class dishes.

Hungry for a new challenge, Tara transformed her career and entered the world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. As she fine-tuned her marketing chops, Tara soon discovered her delight and passion for data. She quickly saw how numbers, trends, and rankings could be used as a competitive advantage. Most organizations still aren’t seizing the power of analytics and metrics, and Tara aims to change that.

Her career moved into the agency world, where she worked with a large portfolio of clients to enhance their search rankings, social media visibility, and advertising return. Along the way, she earned her Google and Bing certifications—demonstrating her deep understanding of the most modern online marketing tactics and tools.

When she’s not collaborating with clients to hit their goals, Tara spends her time reading, cooking, and exploring Austin’s art scene.

Mighty Citizen since 2015

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