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Rosemary Florez

Government Engagement Executive
At their best, government agencies improve our lives—making them safer, more secure, and more democratic. That’s why I love my job: Every day I get to help government agencies both large and small use research, strategy, design, and content to better serve more people.”

Rosemary believes.

She believes good relationships are evidence of a life well lived. Growing up with eight siblings in a modest home in Dallas, she’s had a lifetime of practice listening to people, sussing out their needs, and helping them achieve their goals. Her EQ, in other words, is off the charts. But ask Rosemary to describe how she does it—how she manages to work so effortlessly and successfully with everyone she encounters—and she’ll demure and profess ignorance. It’s not a conscious skill; it’s just who she is.

Rosemary spent much of her twenties in the cutthroat, fast-paced world of commodities trading. There, she learned professional resilience and the power of authenticity. After stops in the start-up world and publishing industry, she eventually went to work with her late husband, Manuel. Together they took Washington, D.C. by storm—helping countless small businesses across the country secure contracts with the federal government. To this day, Rosemary can’t go anywhere in the capital without seeing someone she knows.

But when a job recruiter knocked on her door and asked if she’d be interested in coming to work for Mighty Citizen as the agency’s official liaison to government agencies, Rosemary took one look at our mission—i.e., to improve the life of every American by 2027—and knew it was an ideal fit.

Rosemary lives just outside D.C., where she is extremely close with her twin daughters, Lydia and Briana. Together, the three women cook, root for the Cowboys and Packers, and volunteer for veteran-focused charities in honor of Manuel Florez—their beloved husband, father, and United States Marine.

Mighty Citizen since 2020

Location: Centreville, Virginia

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