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Nicole Griffing

Senior Designer
Design is about solving problems and creating opportunities. And at every step in the process, the user must be considered.”

Nicole designs.

Which is to say, Nicole never seems to stop designing. As a Visual Designer, Nicole is a lot like a sous chef: She makes sure the design kitchen keeps turning out world-class dishes for our clients. She illustrates. She animates. She shapes and crafts and ushers concepts into the real world.

An Oklahoman by birth, Nicole moved to Austin the moment she graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a design degree. Once here, she put her chops to the test working for Harris Media—creating social media assets, websites, and motion videos for political campaigns and advocacy groups. She also honed her skills with plenty of freelance work, including photography and branding.

When she’s not making art for our clients, she’s making art for herself (and her growing number of fans) by selling her work—including screen prints and original watercolors—at boutique gift shops around the southwest and on her online studio.

Her free time is mostly filled taking her dog Micah on hikes around Austin.

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Location: Austin, TX

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