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Manu Lizzio-Hashime, M.B.A

Director of Marketing
My role is to listen. Listen, strategize, and act. And then listen again.”

Manu listens.

If problem-solving were a sport, Manu (Mah-nu) would be a professional athlete. Nothing motivates her more than helping clients find creative solutions to support their mission. And she’s in awe of their mission.

Because Manu has spent most of her career working for international nonprofits and associations, she understands clients’ marketing challenges firsthand. She takes those lessons from her own career and actively listens to their needs, then leads her team to deliver solutions that support mission-driven organizations in achieving their strategic goals.

As a consequence of being practical yet innovative, Manu has often been hired to break new ground: expand into a new market, launch a new product, or build a new department. She joined Mighty Citizen to quench her insatiable thirst to help multiple causes at once. With outstanding service, she assists clients in acquiring and retaining their members, launching new programs, and growing their audiences domestically and internationally. Her innate passion for helping drives her to go the extra mile for every client.

Manu likes to spend her free time building pizzas from scratch (including the dough!), playing with her two kids, and hanging out with her husband and their rescue dog, Sarge.

Mighty Citizen since 2022

Location: Rockville, MD

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