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Kristine Fernandez

Associate Director of Development
Never a dull moment in the world of development! Always new methods, new technologies, new tools to learn. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Kristine astounds.

There’s a joke around the office: Whenever we’re debating a design or UX problem, we say, “Give it to Kristine. She’ll fix it in development.”

That’s because Kristine is an encyclopedia of programming know-how. She builds some of our most sophisticated, technically challenging online products—and she does it in record time without a single error. It’s eerie, really, how talented she is.

Not that she hasn’t worked hard to get here: Since the moment she typed her first HTML tag more than a decade ago (on what are now the dusty remains of Expage and Angelfire), Kristine has been hooked on the idea of creating websites and online interactions. Little did she realize that those early days of animated GIFs and sticky caps would lead to the beginning of a fulfilling and challenging career in web development.

Outside of the office, you can probably find her enjoying one of Austin’s fine food trucks or scouring antique malls.

Mighty Citizen since 2011

Location: Austin, TX

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