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Jen Schumacher-Kocik, M.P.A

Associate Director of Account Management
The constant thread in my career has been my drive to serve others.”

Jen unites.

Jen isn’t afraid of trying new things and, in fact, sees herself in a constant state of evolution. This was proven when she stepped into a new role at Mighty Citizen, Associate Director of Account Management, to help to create and lead a new practice within the organization—Yep, you guessed it: account management. Though the role and department is new, its purpose is foundational: she strengthens the strategic relationships between our teams and our clients.

Before Jen came to Mighty Citizen, her drive for community improvement took her on a winding career over four continents. She’s worked in various spaces across the social impact environment, including international nonprofits, government agencies, and higher education institutions. In each of these jobs, Jen united ideas, strategies, and people to build partnerships for change.

After work, you can find Jen with her family going on hikes and bike rides. Fun fact: she is known for finding connections in the oddest of places (ask her about it!). In her free time, she loves attending art exhibits and writing down her many random thoughts and observations.

Mighty Citizen since 2022

Location: New York metro area

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