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Darby Calvillo

Visual Designer
Design is problem solving. Art is expression. Combine the two to build a successful, elevated brand.”

Darby creates.

As a Visual Designer, Darby is responsible for completing an enormous and diverse set of tasks. She lends her expertise to website design, marketing collateral, email templates, brand artifacts, and more.

And so it seems appropriate that Darby Calvillo—who, so early in her career, has already built a distinguished body of design work—was born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma called Pink. As small towns tend to do, it gave Darby plenty of room to make, imagine, create, and experiment. So she took up the guitar in high school, going on to play in the jazz band (including a memorable gig at Universal Studios in Florida).

But as much as she loved making music, Darby’s artistic inclinations increasingly moved toward photography and illustration. Eventually, she enrolled in the Art, Technology, and Culture program at The University of Oklahoma with a focus in Photography, Video, and Animation. Her second year there, she served as a photography intern for the university’s IT department—a job that inspired her to create her own photography side gig in her junior year.

That “side gig” pretty quickly became a part-time job. When she’s not serving clients at Mighty Citizen, she still takes photographs under her brand name “Darby Rachelle”—mostly of weddings. Her style is particular, timeless, and gorgeous. She also loves spending time with her family and friends, trying new restaurants and shops, hitting up the nearest museums, traveling, and relaxing at home with her (three!) cats.

We’re just as lucky as our clients to have Darby’s keen eye, impeccable taste, and technical wizardry on our team.

Mighty Citizen since 2021.

Location: Denver, CO

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