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Courtney Dymowski

Senior UX Designer
Know when to probe deeper to uncover the ‘why’ behind someone’s initial reaction.”

Courtney geeks out.

She geeks out on learning, challenging bias, and pursuing problems. This comes in handy as a Senior UX Designer with Mighty Citizen. Courtney interviews our clients and their audiences to challenge perceptions, drive insight, and undercover the “why” behind someone’s initial reaction. With learnings in hand, she guides our clients through strategy, collaborates with teams cross-functionally, and utilizes creative research methods to inform designs which help bridge the gap between services, technology, and community needs.

Courtney’s career has spanned many industries, from organizing and running the first international arts fair in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to leading product development at a distillery. She’s happiest working with mission-driven organizations to ​​deepen her humility, learning, and understanding of what she does not know.

In her spare time, she takes the web out of worldwide and travels as much as possible. When abroad, she immerses herself in the local culture through slow travel and let’s be frank, food. One of her favorite simple pleasures is walking aimlessly through unfamiliar cities.

Mighty Citizen since 2021

Location: Austin, TX

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