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Caroline Fothergill

Marketing Strategist
Strategic marketing and communications matter just as much as what you offer to the community. It’s a disservice to run a great organization in the dark.”

Caroline connects the dots.

Starting in college, she worked with nonprofits of all sizes, spanning many issue areas, in search of an organization that spoke to her above all others. She found that she was equally invested in all of them. She also found that many of these organizations had something in common: Their marketing efforts didn’t do their work justice.

After hopping across the pond to Dublin to receive her master’s in marketing (and a certificate for pouring the perfect pint of Guinness), Caroline returned to Austin and joined the Mighty Citizen crew.

Here, she splits her time between traditional and digital marketing: creating content one day and tracking the results the next. For Caroline, it’s all about making sure the pieces of a client’s marketing strategy fit together and deliver.

Caroline spends her out-of-office hours with her dog Grizzly, playing ukulele covers, planning trips to cities and national parks, and blogging about her adventures.

Mighty Citizen since 2018

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