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Carly Hohl, M.A., PMP

Executive Vice President of Operations
Our clients’ needs are at the center of everything we do. Every day, we solve their problems in creative, collaborative ways.”

Carly sees the details.

As Vice President of Client Services, Carly ensures that our clients are informed, inspired, and delighted. Her role is highly strategic—helping to drive projects, company culture, and the evolution of our processes. In the end, she makes certain that everything we do is of the highest quality and that projects launch on time and on budget.

As one of our most veteran team members, Carly has a finely tuned instinct for how to produce success.

In fact, Carly has always enjoyed juggling tasks, people, and goals. While getting her Master’s degree at Texas State University, Carly helped coordinate the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s annual Mass Communication Week (a gargantuan undertaking). And in 3rd grade, she was always the team leader when her class played ‘Oregon Trail.’

Carly lives in south Austin with her husband, two children, Everett and Sadie, and their not-so-mini miniature Dachshund.

Mighty Citizen since 2010

Location: Austin, TX

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