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Client The University of Texas at Austin
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Deep in the heart of Texas, an enduring partnership


Our Unofficial Alma Mater

And why not? Mighty Citizen was founded in 1999 while Nick, our fearless leader, was a junior at UT teaching himself web design at night. About half of our staff graduated from UT. And if you stand on the roof of our office, you’ll see the famous UT Tower just a couple of miles to the west—standing proud amidst Austin’s booming skyline.

So we’re honored to have enjoyed a long, productive partnership with one of the finest public universities in the U.S. Here’s our shared story (so far).

Partnership By The Numbers

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UT RecSports

The UT Recreational Sports Division—known as RecSports—serves over 50,000 students (and countless alumni) each year. With more than 2.2 million square feet of facilities, nearly 50 different sports clubs, and a staggering 91% participation rate by students, RecSports faces a nonstop logistical challenge.

Luckily, there’s a website for that. And RecSports asked us to build it for them.

Students, staff, and faculty can use the RecSports website to reserve facilities, register their intramural teams, and even book massages at one of the campus gyms.

The RecSports website is a digital workhorse—allowing students, faculty, and staff to book classes, reserve facilities, sign up for intramural sports, and much more.

That’s a ton of content to manage, so we made sure to build their CMS in a way that aligned with how RecSports managed their operations. The goal was to empower students with an interactive, updated website while creating new efficiencies for RecSports. (Oh, while also making sure everything works beautifully on smartphones and tablets.)

Loved the experience, thrilled with the end result, and we will be back for more projects.” Nicole Olmeda, Assistant Director

Fundraising the Fields

Just north of campus sits one of the jewels in the RecSports crown—a sprawling intramural sports complex that features 18 multipurpose fields. A few years ago, UT decided to give the 50-year-old facility a major renovation. The cost? $20 million—half of which would come from individual donors.

RecSports came up with a clever approach to that daunting fundraising goal. They would name the rebuilt intramural fields after Charles Alan Wright—a famous UT Law School alum, a renowned legal scholar, and the long-time coach of the Legal Eagles—a legendary, almost mythic team of football-playing law students that formed in 1955.

The fundraising worked. And if you’re ever in Austin, drive by the new complex at 51st and Guadalupe St. to see what creative design can help produce.

RecSports knew that Wright deserved the honor. They also knew that most of Wright’s former players were now high-powered attorneys who loved supporting their alma mater.

Our fundraising brochure for RecSports helped them to raise the money needed for their intramural fields.

So together, we designed a gorgeous, full-color booklet that told the story of Wright and his Legal Eagles. Photographs, artwork, and copy worked in harmony to evoke nostalgia while reminding readers (aka, UT Law School grads) that they could cement their dear coach’s legacy with a donation to constructing the “Charles Alan Wright Intramural Fields.”

It worked. And if you’re ever in Austin, drive by the new complex at 51st and Guadalupe Street to see what creative design can help produce.

UT School of Law

Lawyers read. A lot. So it’s no wonder that UT Law School partnered with us to manage and design their impressive print collateral. This included their official viewbooks, their thrice-yearly “UT Law” alumni magazine (a beast of a publication), a plethora of event materials, and multiple recruitment brochures.

UT School of Law saw an 8% increase in matriculation.

Other UT Projects

Our partnership with The University of Texas has produced a number of other successful projects.


We designed the website for the MBA program at the nationally-ranked McCombs School of Business, helping them produce a content-rich, modern, inviting website that puts recruitment at the forefront.

We wrote most of the new site’s copy, injecting it with personality and playfulness without sacrificing the MBA program’s gravitas.

The content for UT’s MBA program strikes the perfect balance of gravitas and youth.
Mighty Citizen’s writing is superb. They balanced readability with personality and a keen understanding of our audiences.” Rodrigo Malta, Director of Recruiting, Texas MBA

Texas OnCourse

A project launched by the Texas state legislature and housed at UT-Austin, Texas OnCourse aims to help middle-schoolers begin planning for their post-high-school education. Aimed at both teenagers and their parents, the website strikes a balance between simplicity and thorough content. Animation helps bring the site to life, while a number of unique architectural elements make the website feel like a personal guide to getting into college.

Texas OnCourse, a new program designed to help middle- and high-school students successfully plan for life after high school, is housed at UT-Austin.

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