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Client Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
What We Do Research, Branding, Web Development

Reengineering the Engineers


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) partnered with Mighty Citizen to refresh their brand and design and build a new website.

SHPE’s work is wide and deep, but at its heart, SHPE aims to create a large, vibrant community of Hispanic professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math. To achieve this vision, much of SHPE’s work focuses on opening the pipeline to Hispanic students.

SHPE encouraged us to go big with our design ideas. But to ensure our designs were rooted in a deep understanding of SHPE’s audiences, we began by conducting in-depth user research.

A New Logo

The new logo combines clarity with concept. The letters of the organization are large, bold, and undeniable—designed to work in virtually any space and at any size. Meanwhile the emblem borrows from the traditional image of electrons zooming around an atom’s nucleus—while still being crisp, colorful, and conceptual enough to be forward-looking.

What we learned, among much else, is that SHPE’s members (and potential members) wanted the new brand to somehow reflect the organization’s duality—i.e., both nod to the history of engineering while also making it clear that SHPE is modern, savvy, tomorrow-facing.

We emphasized humanity, emotion, and storytelling at every step of our design work. A nameless, faceless organization isn’t particularly inspiring—especially one with such a personal, focused mission. SHPE agreed. So, front and center on the homepage and throughout the site, we inserted real members. We see their faces, their names, their jobs, and we can click to read their stories.

We’re honored to have helped an important association transform itself. SHPE’s presence in the world and online now reflects the sophistication and passion the organization has always had.

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