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Client Bipartisan Policy Center
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Transforming Bipartisan Policy Center’s digital presence and messaging strategy


The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) is a nonprofit that has been working to equip policymakers to work across party lines since 2007. They provide evidence-based research that helps turn a bill into law, with collaboration on both sides of the aisle.

Mighty Citizen partnered with BPC to redefine its core public messaging. After designing a bold new approach to BPC’s fundraising, we pivoted to tackling larger, organization-wide questions of messaging, reimagining how the organization talks about bipartisanship.

How should BPC communicate the value of bipartisanship to its audiences? Who are their audiences, precisely? How do we get readers excited to lend their support to BPC’s efforts to find common ground?

Fundraising Brochure

The first product of our partnership with BPC was a fundraising brochure that we created for the organization. We love focusing our design and copywriting expertise into one deliverable, and the result is a beautiful new brochure that conveys to donors the impact of their dollar.

Homepage Redesign

BPC focuses its work on about a dozen policy areas, including energy, health, higher education, and housing. Before our partnership, their website made it more difficult than necessary to understand the scope of their work and explore each area thoroughly.

BPC needed to demonstrate their dynamic involvement across various areas of policy—starting with a strategic redesign of the homepage. Emphasizing the visibility of their newsletter sign-up, latest documents, and events, the revamped design aimed to not only reinforce BPC’s commitment to bipartisanship but also encourage increased engagement through their other channels.

Our efforts were to make BPC more accessible. By enhancing experts’ visibility, the redesigned website projects a more clear and approachable image, fostering media contacts and attracting a wider demographic.

Amplifying Bipartisanship

We pushed BPC to consider a specific primary audience for the first time: the American people. We encouraged them to make bipartisanship more understandable to the average person through their messaging and website structure.

A deliberate shift in messaging on the homepage underscored BPC’s core product. You guessed it: bipartisanship. The design aims to position BPC as the premier champion of bipartisanship. The goal of this strategic shift is to engage a wider audience and assert BPC’s leadership in fostering bipartisan collaboration.

Collaborating closely with BPC, Mighty Citizen crafted a comprehensive messaging platform. This foundational document not only differentiated BPC’s brand of bipartisanship from other organizations but also served as the guiding force for website content, ensuring consistent and impactful communication of BPC’s mission and success stories.

Increasing Donors

We optimized BPC’s donation page, focusing on converting warm leads into active donors. The messaging aligned seamlessly with the refined narrative on this page, emphasizing the value of bipartisanship and encouraging financial support beyond the confines of the Washington Beltway.

The collaboration between Mighty Citizen and the Bipartisan Policy Center has not only reshaped BPC’s digital narrative but strengthened its position as a leader in advocating for bipartisanship. Addressing challenges in messaging, user engagement, and online visibility, BPC is now better equipped to communicate the essence of bipartisanship, engage diverse audiences, and drive meaningful conversions.

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