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“Best of” Digital Fundraising Examples for Motivate Monday

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Welcome Motivate Monday fans! We hope you enjoyed the “Best of” Digital Fundraising Examples webinar and that you are walking away not only with inspired ideas, but also actionable tactics that you can implement right away.

Here are the slides and a few other freebies that will help your next digital fundraising campaign be a great success:

View the slides here

Marketing Campaign Strategy Template

Fundraising Campaign Metrics Template

“Best of” Digital Fundraising Examples Description

That’s right—we’re firing up the very best digital fundraising examples from nonprofits like yours, across sectors. This session will inspire and equip you with concrete tactics you can implement in your next digital fundraising campaign. We’ll explore great content, unique thinking, and delightful design through emails, websites, online advertising, donation pages, videos—and anything else that increases online donations. And of course, you’ll be able to walk away with the presentation itself as a resource for future brainstorming.

This session is best for those organizations that have an in-house communications team or the ability to outsource at least part of the work.

Learning Objectives

  • How nonprofits are using creativity and interactivity to engage donors and supporters
  • What makes these “best of” examples successful
  • How to take inspiration from these examples and turn them into real change at your organization

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