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Annual Communications Plan Template

We’ll say this upfront: It’s been a year.

You’ve been weathering the 2020 storm for months now with no idea what’s coming next. It’s tempting to give in to the thought that you simply can’t plan your communications right now. After all, what’s the point? Everything you had planned for this year went totally off-course, and you feel like you’re in survival mode.

BUT, if you don’t plan, how can you know if you were successful?! Planning for 2021 is crucial to meeting your organization’s strategic goals.

Our Annual Communications Plan Template will help you:

  • Focus on strategy vs. tactics
  • Set priorities
  • Support your reasoning with colleagues
  • Get the team moving in sync
  • Build a budget

Simply download this Microsoft Word document, fill in the answers, and you’ll have a plan in place to execute with confidence and control, even in a year that’s filled with uncertainty.

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